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推 薦 商 品

關 於 我 們
About Us




A collection of all the delicious dishes from Kanpai Group

From the restaurant to your dining table

Have a taste of persistency prepared

by Kanpai Meat Experts

Enjoy the highest pursuit of gustatory pleasures

Bring home the joy and heart touching experience


品 牌 專 區
Category By Brands

產 地 肉 品
Origins Of Meat

 Government policy

  • In order to prevent and control animal infectious diseases, foreign animals or animal products and other quarantine objects imported into Taiwan, shall comply with animal quarantine regulations, and apply for quarantine in accordance with the regulations. Those who import quarantine objects without authorization may be sentenced to up to 7 years in prison and may be fined up to NT$ 3 million. Those who fail to apply for quarantine in accordance with the regulations will be fined less than NT$1 million and may be punished accordingly.
  • Overseas commodities shall not be delivered with quarantine objects.
  • If the recipient violates the provisions of Article 34, paragraph 3 of the Animal Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Regulations, and fails to deliver the quarantine objects imported by post to the import/export animal quarantine authorities for destruction, he or she is subject to a fine between NT$30,000 to NT$150,000.