Membership rights


Member Terms of Service

Welcome to the service website (herein referred to as thiswebsite) of the brands of the Taiwan region of Kanpai Co., Ltd. (Kanpai, KanpaiClassic, Kurogeya, MALA 45, Wagyu 47, Kanpai Mart, collectively referred to as KanpaiGroup), in order to protect your For rights and interests, please read thefollowing rules in detail before registering or starting to use this website, KanpaiGroup entity or virtual channel member services. Once you register as a memberof this website-KANPAI GO! CLUB (hereinafter referred to as"member"), start using any service provided by this website, or startusing member services in Kanpai Group entities or virtual channels, you agreeand abide by all the following regulations.

I. Observe the relevantregulations

Afteryou register as a member on this website, the scope of membership is limited tothe websites and stores of Kanpai Group Taiwan. When you use the variousphysical or virtual services provided, you agree and are willing to abide bythe terms of service of this website and regulations and legal requirements ofthe location of Kanpai Group. If you are under twelve years old, please do notregister, use the services of this website, and do not provide relevantpersonal information to this website; if you are a minor, while you agree tothe collection of this website and Kanpai Group during the registration or useof the services of this website and using your personal data, you should ensurethat your legal agent or guardian reads, understands and agrees to all thecontents of this specification before using this website. When you use theservices of this website or Kanpai Group member services, it means that yourlegal agent or guardian has read, understood and agreed to accept all thecontents of this specification.


II. Service Introduction

1. This website provides you various network information services through the Internet. You must equip yourself with all the computer equipment needed to access the Internet, and bear the cost of connecting to the Internet and telephone charges.

2. Based on the services provided on this website, you agree to provide detailed personal information when you register, and update outdated or changed personal information at any time, such as because you did not update or provide personal information incorrectly, and Affecting your rights and interests, we have nothing to do with Kanpai Group.

3. If the personal information you provide is not true, this website may terminate your membership and use of various services at any time.


III. User registration obligations

1. After the user completes the registration according to the instructions of this website, unless there are special regulations, he will enjoy the complete services of this website.During the registration process of this website, the following information maybe used as the basis for registration and login (including but not limited to name, nickname, gender, birthday, account number, e-mail address, mobile message, verification code, recommendation code, etc.) for you to confirm,after confirming, you agree to use this information to register with this website.

2. Before registering, please confirm that you have met the age limit stipulated by this website and relevant laws,and agree to abide by the following points:

(a) Provide correct, up-to-date and complete personal information in the account application form.

(b) Update personal data at any time to ensure that each data can maintain correct, up-to-date and complete requirements. If the user provides wrong, outdated or missing personal data, or this website believes that the data provided by the user is wrong or outdated or there is any omission, Kanpai Group has the right to suspend or terminate the use of all services under this website.


IV. Modification of membership regulations

1. Kanpai Group reserves the right to revise this specification at any time and announce the revised facts and contents on the Kanpai Group homepage and member page. If you do not agree to the modified content, or the specifications of the country or region where you belong conflict with this specification, you have the right to leave or stop at any time in order to avoid unnecessary troubles. If you have any questions about this specification, you can directly email to, this website will reply to you as soon as possible.

2. Once you continue to use the various network services after the member specifications are modified, you agree to and accept any modification of this specification.


V. Stopping and changing of services

1. Kanpai Group has the right to stop or change the contents of various services at any time without prior notice to you. Kanpai Group shall not be liable for any troubles, inconveniences or damages caused by stopping or changing the services.

2. Privacy protection

Respecting the privacy rights of each member is the basic policy of Kanpai Group. Therefore, except for the privacy policy agreement of this website, legal regulations or judicial and other relevant authorities' requirements for maintaining public interest, Kanpai Group will not disclose your name, address and email address without obtaining your authorization and other personal information protected by law.

3. For each member service provided by Kanpai Group, you agree to allow its cooperation or strategic alliance partners(including but not limited to business organizations, government agencies,etc.), related companies, etc. to be authorized by this website to cooperate within the scope of legal permission, can use your personal information to provide you with high-quality membership services.

4.You agree that Kanpai Group may make member statistics and analysis on your personal data. If the statistical information does not involve the disclosure of any member’s personal identity,you agree and allow the Kanpai Group to use it for any legal purpose.

5. You agree that Kanpai Group may disclose your personal information in accordance with the law when:

A. In response to the requirements of laws and relevant competent authorities;

B. To protect the property and rights of Kanpai Group;

C. In an emergency to protect Kanpai Group members or public safety.


VI. Member account and password

Once the registration is completed, you will get a member account and password, and take full responsibility for the security of this account and password. You agree not to transfer or lend the member account to others for use. If you find that your account has been illegally used by someone or there is any abnormal situation that violates the safety of use, you should immediately notify the Kanpai Group to deal with it.


VII. Limitation of compensation liability

Kanpai Group and this website shall not be liable for any compensation for any direct, indirect, derivative, or special damage caused by your use of the services of this website or the inability to use the services.


VIII. Member Obligations and Responsibilities

1.Members are fully responsible for any content published or transmitted through the Kanpai Group and this website.

2.Members should abide by the relevant laws of the Republic of China and the relevant regulations and practices of the international Internet. If you use a website other than Kanpai Group, and agree to abide by the local laws and internet practices of each website.

3. Members should agree and guarantee not to publish or transmit any information that is defamatory, untrue,threatening, indecent, obscene, illegal, or infringing on the intellectual property rights of others on this website. Once discovered or reported, Kanpai Group has the right to terminate the membership service right.

4. Kanpai Group does not encourage members to engage in commercial trading of goods or services on this website. Memebers commercial trading involved on this website are not known from the standpoint of Kanpai Group and shall not be fully responsible for guarantees.

5. Kanpai Group has the final decision on whether the member's behavior conforms to this standard. Once found or reported to be in violation of this specification or any laws and regulations,this website may immediately stop members from using the services of this website, and have the right to suspend all rights of members during the investigation.


IX. Damages compensation

For all direct and indirect damage(including but not limited to property and non-property damage) caused by violation of relevant laws or regulations, you agree to the Kanpai Group(including but not limited to parent company, subsidiary, relationship Enterprises, employees and related personnel, etc.) to fully liable for damages.


X. Termination of service

Kanpai Group has the right to unilaterally terminate your membership due to operational needs or policy changes. If you want to terminate your individual membership, you must notify in writing and send it to the business registration address of Kanpai Group. Kanpai Group will assign specialist to contact you. Kanpai Group has the right to end all services at any time. You agree and fully understand that Kanpai Group has not promised to maintain any service without stopping or interrupting.