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Return Policy

─ Return Policy ─

1. The product is fresh meat. Each piece is shipped at full weight, however thickness and size may vary. The specifications cannot be guaranteed.

2. This product is vacuum packed. It is normal for the color of the meat to appear in darker shade of red.

3. If the product is no long in the vacuum sealed condition due to various reasons during the delivery process, to ensure the quality of the product, please consume the product as soon as possible.

4. No preservative or tenderizer is added to the product. Once opened, please consume as soon as possible to ensure the best quality. Personal eating habits, physical condition and product storage condition may be adjusted accordingly.

5. The product is vacuum packed in single piece. Please store as recommended. Thaw and prepare the number of products as needed. Once opened, thawed, and raised in temperature, please consume the product as soon as possible to sure the best quality. Thawing and refreezing without cooking can cause deterioration and spoilage.

6. The product image may be slightly different due to screen color, resolution and setting differences. Please refer to the actual product color.

7. The delivery date and time period cannot be specified for the product. For refrigerated and frozen products, please provide an address and contact number which can be reached at any time and is able to store the products as recommended to avoid quality change of the product.

8. Please unpack and inspect immediately when receiving the products (do not open the vacuum bag). Except for the following reasons, once returned, we will not be able to process returns:

  I. The product itself is defective or losing temperature during the delivery process so that the products is degraded.

  II. Wrong item shipped (such as product barcode, item, specification, weight, quantity, etc. does not match the order).

  III. Expired item upon arrival (food and products exceed the effective shelf life upon arrival when delivered to the customer)

   If you have the aforementioned situation, please take a photo of the product, put it in the freezing/refrigeration equipment as soon as possible, keep the original packaging, and please contact our customer service via telephone or email within 24 hours after the product is received. We will do our best to assist you.

9. The following situations cannot be accepted for return:

    I. The product has been cut, decomposed, defrosted, cooked or changed in storage condition (e.g. temperature)

 II. The original packaging bag, box or original packaging is not attached or damaged.

 III. The original invoice document is missing.

    IV. Return the products on the grounds of subjective cognitive gap difference on personal perception, such as personal taste, color, size, and etc.

10. According to the "Applicable Criteria for Reasonable Exceptions to the Right to Cancel Communication Transactions", this product belongs to the first item of Article 2: "Products that are prone to corruption, have a shorter shelf life, or are about to expire when they are terminated",

Excluding the application of the right of cancellation in Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act, there is no 7-day hesitation period.