─ Australian Wagyu ─


Wonderful Combination of Japanese Wagyu and Australian Cattle

Wonderful Combination of Japanese Wagyu and Australian Cattle

Australian Wagyu, cattle which are born in Australia, bred with genetically selected Japanese Wagyu Bull (father line) and Australian breed (mother line) and grain fed for at least 300 days.

Australian Wagyu grow in a vast natural environment. After a long period of grain feeding, the meat is smooth and tender, with a rich beef flavor and sweet tallow.


Carefully Selected MB7+ and Grain-fed Cattle for over 450 Days

Not all Australian Wagyu have high-grade marbling. The Australian Wagyu that are provided by Kanpai Group are all grain-fed for over 450 days with MB7+ marbling score. These high-grade cattle are not only delicious, but also extremely precious. Only 20% of the total Australian Wagyu cattle have MB7+ marbling score.

We visit the ranches in Australia every year for inspections and quality control, make sure the beef that we offer meets the highest standard and achieve our concept of From Farm to Table. Through professional ageing technics, the flavor of beef becomes thicker and richer, which perfectly present the essence of sweet tallow and delectable quality of Australian Wagyu.


─ Japanese Wagyu ─


Magnificent Artwork Recognized by Global Foodies

Japanese Wagyu is produced under strictest quality control and breeding system, only Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Shorthorn and Japanese Polled can be called Japanese Wagyu. The texture of Japanese Wagyu is tender and delicate, with beautiful fat that are as detailed as marble. The fat has a low melting point and melts in your mouth with only a light press with your tongue. Enjoy the umami and fragrance of wagyu marbling spread in your mouth. Different parts of Japanese Wagyu have its own unique taste, and it is a luxury and delicious food for all foodies around the world.  


A5 Grade Wagyu, The Top Choice of Foodie's Bucket List

The grading system of Japanese Wagyu is extremely strict. Grade meaning the overall Beef Color Standard (BCS), Beef Fat Standard (BFS), Beef Marbling Score (BMS). In order to qualify as A5 Grade Japanese Wagyu, it must be graded as highest evaluation in BCS, BFS, and BMS. It is a delicacy worth savor and taste the culture and devotion behind every bite.


─ U.S. Beef ─


NO.1 Leading Brand from the United States - Greater Omaha

Greater Omaha is a well-known American beef brand with a century-old history. Through strict selection criteria and far beyond the industry's average 150-200 days of feeding on grain, the cattle have been fattened up to 75% of the good fat, which is the highest level of feeding quality in the United States and the top choice for meat quality and marbling.


Enjoy the Rich Meaty Flavor - US Prime

Greater Omaha has a unique breeding environment. Through strict quality management, an average of 3 heads per 100 heads are graded as US Prime. However only 2% of all cattle in the United States are graded as US Prime. The good quality and extraordinary flavor of Greater Omaha has been sold to top restaurants in more than 70 countries around the world.


─ Iberico Pork─


People Call it the Rolls-Royce of Pork, One of the Luxurious Ingredients in Europe

The Spanish Iberico pigs have strict lineage management, only 100% pure Iberico breed or more than 75% Iberico and Duroc hybrids breed are certified as Iberico pigs by Spanish government. During the fattening period, the Iberico pigs were fed almost exclusively with acorns and natural products, giving the meat a nutty aroma, rich fats, and most of the ingredients are unsaturated fatty acids similar to olive oil. Iberico pigs are also called “the walking olive tree".


National Treasure of Spain - Iberico de Bellota Pork

Bellota means acorn in Spanish and it also refers to the finest grade of Iberico Pork in Spain. To be graded as Bellota, the Iberico Pigs are grazed free-range in the dehesa. They feed on mostly acorns and need to gain at least fifty percent of their initial weight during the montanera season. An Iberico pig gains about 1 kilogram by eating 10 kilograms of acorn, therefore only 15 pigs can be fed on 1 hectare of dehesa. The meat quality that has been nourished with great care has created the characteristic extreme marbling of fat running through the muscles makes the Iberico pork uniquely succulent and tender, earning it a reputation as the “wagyu of pork”, and it has become a world recognized premium product.