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Shopping Guide

 Shopping Instructions ─

Please join the membership before you start shopping, be sure to read the privacy policy and membership rights

STEP 1. Add the products to the shopping cart before checkout

Please read the product content, specifications, delivery and return methods before adding it to the shopping cart.

STEP 2. Confirm the items of your order, select the delivery and payment method, fill in the relevant information of the recipient, the desired delivery time, invoice information

You can click the shopping cart to view the items you have selected. Please confirm the product content, specifications and quantity again. The shipping charge is automatically calculated in the order details; Once the order is sent, it can not be modified. Please make sure the information you filled is correct to ensure the products delivery process is smooth.

STEP 3. Complete payment
Please confirm whether the payment is completed. If the payment is not made, failed, or the deadline is exceeded, it means that the order is not established, please pay special attention. Please pay special attention to the payment completion process.

STEP 4. Send the order

The order is established once the payment is completed. You will receive an email notification for your order. As a reminder, the order can not be modified once it is sent. If you have any questions regarding the order you had made, please contact the customer service.

STEP 5. Shipment of products

We will prepare the shipment for you once we confirmed the items, quantity, and packaging of your order.

STEP 6. Order status

After logging in to the account, members can check the status of their orders and shipments.