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Wagyu Bussan is a brand under Kanpai Group providing fresh food. we collaborated with Japan's century-old enterprise, the leading meat import company " Nippon Steel Trading Corporation", to import the world's high-end and precious fresh meat products, including Japanese Wagyu, Australian Wagyu, Australian beef offal, grain-fed beef from the United States, Iberico pork from Spain and other premium ingredients for the restaurants of Kanpai Group. At the same time, Wagyu Bussan is also the leading company in Taiwan to import high-grade Australian Wagyu.

In 2017, Taiwan lifted the ban on Japanese wagyu imports after it was banned for 14 years. With strong purchasing power, Wagyu Bussan was the distributor to receive the first batch of Japanese Wagyu in Taiwan.

Central Kitchen

Selected ingradients from all over the world

Kanpai Group collaborates with the Japanese Enterprise "Nippon Steel Trading Corporation" which has a century-old history to master the source of precious meat resources in the market and visits the associated ranch every year to ensure the quality. All meat products are delivered directly from the carefully selected ranch and are delivered to every consumer through high-standard meat processing technology.

High-standard meat processing technology

The meat we provide are wet aged to condense the flavor to perfection. The professional beef experts slice the meat according to the preference of Taiwanese consumers. After processing, the meat is quickly frozen, and vacuum packed in the best condition.

Implement high-standard hygiene standards

Kanpai Group always strives hard to present the highest quality of products. With high-standard central kitchen and equipment, carry through the concept of low-temperature processing and preservation of meat, cultivate professional meat experts through a comprehensive education system, and handle high-value-added meat such as Japanese and Australian wagyu. Our central kitchen has obtained HACCP and ISO22000 certification every year with strictly implement traceability management and animal drug inspection and insist on providing perfect products to customers.

Independent and High-level inspection

There is a quality control laboratory in our central kitchen to independently control and trace the quality of raw materials, semi-finished products to final products. Introduce inspection equipment and technology to instantly check the total number of bacteria, coliform group, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, fungi, animal drug residues and other items.